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Intermaster (Eurotip)
Intermaster (Eurotip)

Major record companies such as Telefunken or Ariola were dependent on the creativity of external producers. A typical example for this is Horst Fuchs with his company Intermaster, who produced many renowned titles of the '60s, among them the international hit Hawaii Tattoo on the Europa-Tip label.

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Horst Fuchs was one of the most important German Schlager producers. He started his career in the early 50s at Electrola. At the end of the decade he changed to Bertelsmann where he founded the renowned Ariola label. His first top successes include Dalida's Am Tag als der Regen kam and Bobbejaan's Ich steh an der Bar und habe kein Geld (A Pub With No Beer).

Soon after this Fuchs already worked as an independent producer with his own Intermaster company. Releases for Teldec's Telefunken label were subtitled with the name 'Europa-Tip' on the covers and labels, a concession which emphasized his significance. He scored an international hit with Hawaii Tattoo, further recordings were released later on Ariola and BASF.

In the course of the years he produced many artists, for example Ronny (Oh My Darling Caroline), the Waikikis (Hawaii Tattoo), Zarah Leander, Pierre 'Winnetou' Brice and George 'Jerry Cotton' Nader.

However to fit with the changing trends within the music scene the music will be available on-line as downloads or streaming.

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