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Tip Records

The Tip label always stood in the shade of its big sister label Polydor. Quite unjustly – for the label with the blue dot over the i released cover versions of current Schlager hits, played by renowned musicians. And a wide range of music from Classic (Beethoven, etc), Marches, Opera, Musicals, Beat, Disco Hits, Songs of Vienna Music, Folk Songs, Volkslieder, to Jazz and much more.

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Often disdained and underrated: Tip, the legendary budget label from Hamburg – (not to be mistaken for Europa-Tip). The label was founded by James Früchtnich in the early 60s as a subsidiary of Polydor. At that time there was no interest in a budget series at the head office, and so these productions were outsorced. Many listeners are not aware that these productions were not re-releases of existing Polydor recordings, but new recordings exclusively for Tip. The repertoire included beat, soul, Schlager and dance music.

The recordings were issued in EP and LP format. Interesting fact for collectors and researchers: many of the recordings were made under pen names and have now become very sought-after rarities. Their outward appearance reflects the fashion of the times. The covers show neutral photographic motives: party mood, landscapes, models – whatever seemed to suit the music.

However to fit with the changing trends within the music scene the music will be available on-line as downloads or streaming.

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  • 12 Schlager-Volltreffer

    Various Artists
    • Schlager (German easy listening pop)
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 634003
    EAN: 4000127340030
  • 12 Schlager-Volltreffer, Folge 2

    Various Artists
    • Schlager (German easy listening pop)
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 634004
    EAN: 4000127340047
  • 12 Schlager-Volltreffer, Vol. 3

    Various Artists
    • Schlager (German easy listening pop)
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 634005
    EAN: 4000127340054
  • Auf dem Marsch und im Quartier

    Männerchor Harmonia, Die blauen Dragoner
    • Marches
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633001
    EAN: 4000127330017
  • After Eight

    The Firestones
    • Soul
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633098
    EAN: 4000127330987
  • Der grosse Zapfenstreich (Medley)

    Hanseatisches Blasorchester Lübeck, W. H. Schulze
    • Marches
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633002
    EAN: 4000127330024
  • Am Lagerfeuer

    Die Bergvagabunden
    • Folk-style Schlager
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 634037
    EAN: 4000127340375
  • Tanzmusik International

    Konrad Grewe All Stars, Dixieland Messengers
    • Ballroom dance music
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633004
    EAN: 4000127330048
  • Verträumte Stunden

    Günther Gürsch Bar Sextett
    • Lounge
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633005
    EAN: 4000127330055
  • An American in Moscow

    George Goodman, Alexej Michailow and His Original-Balalaika-Orchestra
    • Traditional / Swing
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633112
    EAN: 4000127331120
  • Weltbekannte Melodien

    Günther Gürsch Sextett
    • German-language Pop
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633006
    EAN: 4000127330062
  • Arturo Sergi singt italienische und neapolitanische Lieder

    Arturo Sergi & Großes Streichorchester Jo Plée
    • Symphonic / Orchestral
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB633123
    EAN: 4000127331236
  • My Fair Lady

    Grosses Orchester mit Chor und Solisten
    • Classical Musical
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633007
    EAN: 4000127330079
  • Lieder der Heimat

    Volksmusikanten mit Chor und Solisten
    • Folk-style Schlager
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633008
    EAN: 4000127330086
  • Bad Bad World: Ravers Going Underground

    The Ravers
    • Beat
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 633139
    EAN: 4000127331397