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Beautiful Girl of the Prairie
Various Artists
Katalog-Nr. : AMB 72020
  • Land, Sky And Water
    Stu Davis
  • Red River Moon
    Red River Dave
  • Cowpoke
    Rex Allen
  • The Old Trail
    Gene Autry
  • Love Song of the Waterfall
    Jimmy Wakely
  • Rogue River Valley
    Elton Britt
  • Old Painted Desert
    Jack Patton
  • Sundown Lullaby
    Mac Maguire & Harmony Rangers
  • Bronco Bustin' Blues
    Phil Pavey
  • Sioux City Sue
    Zeke Manners Band (Vcl: Curly Gribbs)
  • Yellow Rose of Texas
    Jesse Rogers
  • Wagon Wheels
    Kenny Roberts
  • Trailrider's Moon
    Slim Clark
  • Is the Range Still the Same Back Home?
    Red River Daveis
  • Shoot Him High Paw
    Rosalie Allen
  • At the Rainbow's End
    Hank Snow
  • Midnight on the Colorado
    Frank Luther & Carson Robison
  • Little Joe the Wrangler
    Goebel Reeves
  • Blue Montana Skies
    Gene Autry
  • I'm Rockin' to the Rockies
    Big Bill Campbell
  • Beautiful Girl of the Prairie
    Wilf Carter
  • The Strawberry Roan
    Big Bill Campbell
  • Cowpuncher's Waltz
    Rosalie Allen
  • Pale Moon
    Jimmy Wakely