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When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
The Moon

Since ancient times it’s been a source of romance, superstition and wonder. The tides are moved by it. So are werewolves, and so is a young girl’s heart. 
Songs and sonnets have been written, and curses have been uttered in its name. Here, we’ll leave the sonnets and werewolves alone and focus on the songs. This is but a small sample of the literally thousands of moon songs written and recorded in all genres of music: popular, classical and jazz. Every type of popular music has taken the moon to its heart: urban pop, hillbilly and blues/R&B. The moon has inspired singers and composers of all nationalities and musical persuasions.

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Man finally set foot on the moon in 1967, but even in the half century since those lunar soil samples were photographed and analyzed, the moon remains in our imaginations as an object of awe and wonder. There is a belief that we humans can’t control our emotions when the moon shines down on us, whether in Transylvania, London or Paris. Social scientists look for increases in crime during the full moon and , and some of us (like Lon Chaney, Jr.) grow hair on our faces and palms and snarl a lot; others, like Cher in the 1987 film Moonstruck, fall hopelessly in love. Van Morrison did a Moondance and Hank Williams found himself Howlin’ at the Moon. Over one hundred years ago, one of the first motion pictures showed a rocket hitting the man in the moon squarely in the eye. 

Here we present more than three decades of vintage country music, written all about our favorite and nearest heavenly body:
the moon. 

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When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  • Dark Moon

    Various Artists
    • Traditional Country
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 70057
    EAN: 4251625918362
  • Reaching for the Moon

    Various Artists
    • Rock'n'Roll
    Katalog-Nr.: AMB 70060
    EAN: 4251888719089